Holding a Space

Tell us your vision for which you want all of us to hold a space for you manifesting. Share it in a comment below. The more people seeing you live that reality the faster it will happen – if it is in your highest and best interest.
Thank you for holding a space for the following (doesn’t matter if you know who they are. The Universe does).
Oh yeah, life goes on and on. So as you create new desires feel free to add them below.
Thank you for remembering We Are All One.

Kylar Robertson
I would love to grow 4 inches to become my dream height of 6’1. I would to accomplish this in a matter of a few months because I believe it is very possible.

John White
Please see John enjoying the relationship in his highest and best interest with the woman meant to share his life with him.

Doug Fulton
Requesting support and guidance and space for my manifesting $3,000 by July 5th, 2014. Namaste.

Rev. Ali Bierman Please see me as the perfectly healthy Spirit I am in my current human body healing all I need to recover the after-effects of brain surgery and the follow-up surgery to strengthen my volice,. swallowing and breathing..
Thank you.


Please hold a space for me to continue patiently waiting beyond these past four years for a solution from Workers’ Comp. case with a favorable settlement on my behalf for my highest good.
Please give me the strength and courage to be successful in finding students especially in these hard times to share my love and joy in teaching piano.Happy Space: I have all the envelopes that I need to send off to the Colleges of my choice. Hold-The-Space: I want to be accepted into colleges/Universities: Howard, F.A.M.U, Xavier, UM, UT, and etc.

Please hold a space for my son, Ben, as he works to heal himself after his father’s suicide.
Please send your energy to help him to know that he is loved, that he has a generous and humane heart, and that he loves and is safe.
Please send your love to help Ben know that his kindness and generosity of spirit are extraordinary, that he changes peoples’ lives, that he gives freely of his time and ability to bring joy to others … to make them smile, to make them feel happy. That he listens. That he protects. That he makes a difference.
Please send your power to help Ben know that he is a good person.
Please send your strength to help Ben know that the universe needs him as it needs all of us and how to share his kindness, tolerance, and generosity of spirit with himself.
Please send your spirit to welcome Ben and to help him know that he is connected, that he is an essential part of the community of the universe, and how to struggle less and receive and accept its gifts.
Thank you for your generosity in considering my prayer. Thank you for holding a place in your heart for my son.Janice

A great shift has taken place in my life, and I am moving with the flow. All I can say for now, I am embracing this journey to take me into my destiny. Hold a space for me to “Just allow.”