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My Computer Wouldn’t Let Me Finish My Book

Today’s Gathering posed some interesting challenges. Frankly, my topic this week, turned up repeatedly while making today’s video. So this talk proved to be very relevant and timely. Last week I finished writing my book, THRIVE! Don’t Just Survive Traumatic … Continue reading

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Spirit: What is Spirit?

Your Spirit is the pilot of your life.How does it work? Discover how to chart a new course. Remember to tell us your Happy Share and what you want us all to Hold A Space for you to manifest in … Continue reading

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Nurture Yourself – Your Life Depends on It

Every 12 minutes a woman dies from breast cancer. Why? She failed to nourish HERSELF. When you meet everybody’s needs but your own you literally destroy your health one cell at a time. Today’s Gathering talks about why you want … Continue reading

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Prosperity: The Key To Receiving

You know about the Universal Laws of Giving and Receiving. Ultimate giving allows prosperity to enter your life. This step is simple but may not seem easy – at first. Trust. And please click to share this post so others … Continue reading

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