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True Happiness: What It Is and How To Get It

In today’s Gathering I talk about happiness, True Happiness. Most people tip toe through life hoping to make it safely to the end. They pretend they are happy when they really forgot what happiness is. Happiness is your birthright. Claim … Continue reading

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The Law of Relativity Can Make Everything Look Better

The Law of Relativity states that things are neither good nor bad, big or small, expensive or cheap, etc. until you relate them to something else. When something crummy happens in your life you can choose to relate it to … Continue reading

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Heaven and bliss are not a place somewhere out there but a distinct place within you. You can access this happiness and peace of mind any time as it is available 24/7/365. You just need to turn off your left … Continue reading

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Why Happiness Matters

Why do you go to work, workout and exercise, make friends and all the other things you do every day? You do them, whether or not you like to, because they give you what you need so you an be…

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