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Spirituality and Happiness – You Need Both to Have Either

Today’s Gathering – it is the bottomline to happiness: your spiritual connections – the how and what you live in your spiritual life. Happiness follows with a strong faith and spiritual connection both with your own Spirit and Higher Self … Continue reading

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Today’s Gathering explains why wishing and hoping are REALLY useless strategies for life. If you want to thrive instead of simply survive, take action. What action? Watch the video to find out. Please ckick LIKE and Share.

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How Your Values Determine Your Life Success

Today’s Gathering of Metaphysical Ministry International focuses on values. Do you know how your values determine your happiness and success in life? Do you even know what you value? This marks the first lesson in a series about values showing … Continue reading

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Manifesting Always Happens in,,,

In today’s Gathering we explored manifesting – why it sometimes happens instantly and other times seems like it may never happen. Everything happens in Divine Timing. Everything. So what is Divine Timing anyway? Please click Like and Share so your … Continue reading

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Clarity for Co-Creation

When you get really clear on how you want your world to look, almost miraculously the Universe moves to quickly bring your desires to you. The thing is, you probably send out mixed messages full of static rather than a … Continue reading

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Prayer: What is Prayer Anyway?

Prayer is not something you do in a special place at certain times on certain days. Prayer is not a supplication or asking something of God but rather an expression of gratitude and a conscious way of living in the … Continue reading

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Spirit and spirit: What’s the Difference

do you know the difference between “Spirit” and “spirit?” You will after watching this video. Who cares? You do if you want to know how to avoid ever again making choice that fail to be in your highest and best … Continue reading

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The Infinite Supply

The Universe supplies everything that exists–infinitely. There is no “running out” of anything mankind really wants. Case in point, a few years back I ran low on the semi-precious gem sodalite. (I used to make jewelry and sculptures with semi-precious … Continue reading

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Do This to Ensure Life Goes on after 2012

You don’t live in a cave, right? So you understand the significance of December 21, 2012. What you may not know is how we can prevent the disasters that, in the past, wiped out life as people knew it. Actually … Continue reading

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