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Boy overwhelmed by lists of tasks

Being Vs Doing: Are You a Human Being OR a Human Doing

Today's Gathering of Metaphysical Ministry International focuses on a hot topic in today's fast-paced world: the question of being vs doing.

So many people forget they are are actually a spiritual being living a human experience. The result? Overwhelm, unhappiness and failing health.

Being vs doing. It's a choice you make in each moment - out of your awareness.


So many people drown in overwhelm filling their calendars and proudly proclaiming their lack of sleep.

What happens when you live that way? Or is that fail to live and enjoy life?

Take a moment to stop what ever else you are doing while reading this post. Consider this message your wake up call.

Watch this video to awaken the part of your brain currently working on autopilot. Tune into your mind - you know, the subconscious part functioning out of your awareness creating your world to look as it does.

Keep doing what you are already doing, and have been doing for years, and nothing will change for you no matter how much you wish and hope for change. Hey, wishing and hoping are NOT strategies for living well.

Tell us who you REALLY are. Do you have a clue? Take the time. What you discover will change everything!

About the Author Rev Ali Bierman

As an ordained metaphysical minister and Specialized Kinesiologist, Rev. Ali Bierman brings a unique perspective to the non-religious spiritual/metaphysical aspect of life. Through her music, art and writing she shares the words and sentiments of all those who contribute to this Gathering of Oneness. We are all connected. Live that truth and watch your world change!

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