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Create New Habits Fast

This Gathering focuses on the habits that run your life – without your awareness – ad keep you stuck in unhappiness, less than optimal health and struggle. Discover how easy it is to create new habits that change your life quickly into happiness and health.

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Overcoming Traumatic Events

Today’s Gathering focuses on what happens when traumatic events change lives. Why do some people rise up and create very successful lives while others are devastated and never recover any semblance of happiness or a normal life.

People who overcome traumatic events all have one thing in common. Watch this video to discover the secret that will let you overcome the obstacles – big and small – in your life NOW.
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Creating or Co-Creating Reality

Today’s Gathering is all about the dynamics of creating your reality. How does it work? Who is responsible for what shows up in your world? When bad things happen to you – is your fault or did Somebody else hurt you?

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Family OR Friends By Choice

“You can choose your friends but not your family.” Do you agree or disagree with that common? In today’s Gathering of Metaphysical Ministry International discover why I belief the reverse of that belief is true.
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What is Your Gift to the World

Today’s Gathering reminds us to live full out and share who we really are – our unique gifts and talents – so we can make a difference in the world.
No one on this planet is exactly like you. Your special gifts and talents make you unique. When you recognized exactly which gifts and talents define you then you can share who you really are with others.
You came here to make a difference for yourself first and then for the community of human kind.
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Getting Unstuck

Do you feel really stressed? Has it been a really tough year that keeps getting worse and worse?

Do people you know feel unhappy and stuck too?

The state of the economy is not the cause of your unhappiness nor is it the cause of what keeps you awake at night.

Nothing outside of you can control your life experience – unless you choose to pretend that other people and events prevent you from living the life you desire.

You create our reality – no one else does anything to you. Discover how to change your life starting NOW.

Discover more about how to create the life you desire in today’s Gathering.
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Crisis and Opportunity

Happiness and healing often come cleverly disguised as crises. Interestingly, the Japanese language has only one word for both crisis and opportunity.

What you do with life circumstances determines your degree of happiness and success in life. Remember the single most important question for happiness posed by Albert Einstein,”Is the world is a friendly place or an unfriendly place?”

You get choose which.

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Healing and Metaphysics

Metaphysics tells us we create our reality. Given that parameter, why do we create painful situations and how do we heal? What is healing? Does it mean returning to how you used to be? Does it mean something different?

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You Can ONLY When You Believe You Can

You can experience the 99% of life not apparent when you live according to – and using only – your 5 physical senses. BUT you have to believe and KNOW you can do so.

What do people tell you cannot do? What do you tell yourself you cannot do?

Whatever you want others to believe about you, you must believe it first.

As Henry Ford told us, “Whether you think you can or you think you can’t – you’re right.”

How Are Eavesdropping and Manifesting Related

Without eavesdropping nothing ever manifests – for anyone.
Stop trying to figure out how to manifest your desires. It is handled. All you need to do is pay attention and, with faith and trust take the path to what you really want.
You will understand when you watch today’s Gathering.
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