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What Happy People Do

Today’s Gathering asks the question,”What do happy people do that makes them happy and successful in life?” This video reveals the secrets of a very happy person.

How To Freeze Out Your Past

Today’s Gathering asks, “How do you put your past into your past so you ca move ahead in your life?” Rev Ali shares a powerful technique she used to engage in her new life following two traumatic brain injuries.

‪Smile – It Does a Body, Mind and Spirit Good‬

Smiling improves your outlook, boosts your strength, leads to happiness and success all across your life. Discover why you want to smile in today’s Gathering of the Metaphysical Ministry International.

How Pinhole Glasses Reduce Stress

In today’s Gathering we again explore Pinhole Glasses, this time sharing the reason I use them – how they help me reduce stress and improve my vision.

Feeling Hopeless and Stuck?

Today’s Gathering of the Metaphysical Ministry International asks, “What do you do when bad things happen in your life? Do you feel hopeless about getting well or reaching a goal that has long eluded you?
Discover how to thrive! Don’t Just Survive.”
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Love – Subliminally

Today’s Gathering focuses on the energy of love. Love is the highest frequency. God, Source, the Universe, vibrates at the frequency of love as pure energy. All physical emotional and spiritual problems reveal a lack of love in relationships between you and you, you and others or you and a Higher Power.

Values: How To Know Your True Values

Today’s Gathering of Metapysical Ministry International asks the question,
Do you really know what your values are? Or do you only assume what you say your values are really are the unspoken rules by which you live?

How Your Values Determine Your Life Success

Today’s Gathering of Metaphysical Ministry International focuses on values. Do you know how your values determine your happiness and success in life? Do you even know what you value?
This marks the first lesson in a series about values showing you how to find your values, not what you think you value but your really true values.

Coincidence? Destiny? Do We Have a Say?

Today’s Gathering asks the questions: Do you believe life happens to you? Is there a master plan or do you get a say in charting your life? Are some happenings just coincidence?

What do you think?
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Why Positive Thinkiing Does NOT Help

Positive thinking does not improve your world any more than negative thinking hurts you. Only one kind of thinking lets you thrive in your present creating a happy and healthy now and future.
Discover how to see life as it really is.
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