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Why Be Happy? Does It Really Matter?

In today’s Gathering we talked about whether or not being happy is important.
So very many people tiptoe through each day hoping to make it through to the end. they work at jobs that pay the bills that they really do not like at all, with people they do not like doing work they hate.
They live in relationships that fail to feed their souls or allow them to feel the love they looked forward to when they said, “I do.”
why do people do that? They waste their precious time on Earth when they are not happy. They cannot possibly contribute to the community when they have nothing to give because nothing feeds them.
Happiness is not an end goal. It is not something you take specific action steps to get there.
Happiness just is.
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How To Reveal Your Life Purpose Instantly

Today’s Gathering focuses on the question every asks – sooner or later, “Why am I here?” What purpose did you come to accomplish? You can find many formulas and techniques to discover your life purpose. I know because I created some myself that you can find on my page.
What if you can quickly and easily discover your reason for living your life right now?this

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to attract more people, happy heathy people, to your world.

This video shows the fastest most reliable way to discover your reason for being here now.

My Computer Wouldn’t Let Me Finish My Book

Today’s Gathering posed some interesting challenges. Frankly, my topic this week, turned up repeatedly while making today’s video. So this talk proved to be very relevant and timely.

Last week I finished writing my book, THRIVE! Don’t Just Survive Traumatic Injuries. Only it took me five days to upload it to the printer. My computer would not save my work. I lost four whole hours of writing before I learned my computer was only pretending to save.
Yes, I got really frustrated and upset. Only I do not allow myself to stay in negative energy-draining places so I stepped back (mind you, this format-eating went on for more days than it took me to write the whole book) and figured I was missing something important about my book that needed changing.
Sure enough! I had forgotten to change  the header when I changed the title of the book!
Good gracious! What if I had uploaded my book with such a gross error in it? Would not have been a good thing especially since this is my first hard copy with a dust jacket. work
It really pays to always look for the message and the gift when things appear to go wrong. Appearances cause more damage than actual events. Know what I mean?
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For Giving…Love

Nobody can hurt you unless you let them. Ah – but if the hurt came disguised as a gift to let you make important changes in your life so you can grow and evolve, on a soul level.
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Create New Habits Fast

This Gathering focuses on the habits that run your life – without your awareness – ad keep you stuck in unhappiness, less than optimal health and struggle. Discover how easy it is to create new habits that change your life quickly into happiness and health.

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Overcoming Traumatic Events

Today’s Gathering focuses on what happens when traumatic events change lives. Why do some people rise up and create very successful lives while others are devastated and never recover any semblance of happiness or a normal life.

People who overcome traumatic events all have one thing in common. Watch this video to discover the secret that will let you overcome the obstacles – big and small – in your life NOW.
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Creating or Co-Creating Reality

Today’s Gathering is all about the dynamics of creating your reality. How does it work? Who is responsible for what shows up in your world? When bad things happen to you – is your fault or did Somebody else hurt you?

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Family OR Friends By Choice

“You can choose your friends but not your family.” Do you agree or disagree with that common? In today’s Gathering of Metaphysical Ministry International discover why I belief the reverse of that belief is true.
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Death Happens to Bodies Not Souls

When my brother called at night I knew the news was not good.. Unfortunately I was right.
When a soul leaves a body it marks the end of a human life – but not the end of the Spirit. Nobody dies. Spirits transition to a new energy form on the next plane of existence.
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What is Your Gift to the World

Today’s Gathering reminds us to live full out and share who we really are – our unique gifts and talents – so we can make a difference in the world.
No one on this planet is exactly like you. Your special gifts and talents make you unique. When you recognized exactly which gifts and talents define you then you can share who you really are with others.
You came here to make a difference for yourself first and then for the community of human kind.
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