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Manifesting Always Happens in,,,

In today’s Gathering we explored manifesting – why it sometimes happens instantly and other times seems like it may never happen.

Everything happens in Divine Timing. Everything.
So what is Divine Timing anyway?

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Clarity for Co-Creation

When you get really clear on how you want your world to look, almost miraculously the Universe moves to quickly bring your desires to you.
The thing is, you probably send out mixed messages full of static rather than a crystal signal, solid and not changing – of what you want. When you have doubts you send out messages filled with uncertainty so the Universe cannot deliver on what it is unsure of. Make sense?
Plus, the Universe will only give you what is in your highest and best interest at the best time for you to manifest it. Remember what you think is best for you may not be best for you on a spiritual level.
discover how to KNOW what you want – with great in-focus clarity then act on the messages the Universe sends back to you on how to get it.
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Heaven and bliss are not a place somewhere out there but a distinct place within you. You can access this happiness and peace of mind any time as it is available 24/7/365. You just need to turn off your left brain/mind commentator and listen for your right brain/mind spirit.

Why Happiness Matters

Why do you go to work, workout and exercise, make friends and all the other things you do every day? You do them, whether or not you like to, because they give you what you need so you an be…

It’s Your Life

You live your life. No one can do that for you. No one can make you happy. NO one can make you mad.

Do you agree?

And no one can make the life changes you want to make FOR you. That is your job. However, you do not have to go it alone. Ask for help.

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Life is a Do It Yourself Job BUT NOT a Do It By Yourself Job

Life is

a do it yourself job

But not

a  do it BY yourself job


People are designed to live

in community

To share and to give

service and love to each other


To partner and know we’re all

sister and brother


I cannot do it for you

I CAN show you a way


And I can support you

so you will know

I am here to stay

the course


No remorse

for making it together
We’re connected

All is One

We can ride out

the stormiest of weather


Life is

a do it yourself job

But not a

do it BY yourself job


Stop Guessing and Pay Attention




Amazon Rain Forest Healing

In the Amazon rain forest shaman have passed down healing remedies made to heal many illnesses Western medicine only medicates to create comfort – at best. HOW do those men and women know what to do with over 40,000 plants to help the people who come seeking help?
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Meditation Booster/ Stress Reducer

Discover a quick method to prepare your brain for a deeper meditation, one that will increase your benefits even in a short time. And, use this simple method to re-focus when you get stressed or tired and just plain tune in to you.

CAUTION: DO NOT DO THIS WHILE DRIVING. Be in a safe and comfortable place before starting.

One cycle of the breath program outlined in the video is simply:

1. Breathe in through your nose. Exhale through your nose.
2. Breathe in through your nose. Exhale through your mouth.
3. Breathe in through your mouth. Exhale through your mouth.
4. Breathe in through your mouth. Exhale through your nose.

Repeat that pattern twice for a total of three times.
DO NOT do the above while driving. Make sure you are seated some place safe and comfortable. You may get light headed.

How To Use Your Imagination To Manifest Your Dreams

Your thoughts and emotions create your world in every moment. If you do not use your imagination to manifest what you want then you automatically, without awareness, manifest what you don’t want!

If you keep attracting negative people and circumstances into your life you are misusing your imagination.

Discover how to use your imagination properly to finally live your dreams.

As LIfe Goes for ME

I have been away following vocal chord surgery that took away my voice. While it has not yet returned fully, I want to share with you something I discovered about how to be happier in life. In fact I am creating a new program based on what you will learn in this video.

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Yet everything happens perfectly for a beautiful and Divine reason.

I Was Afraid To Tell You

This post delivers a a very personal message yet I feel certain it applies to very many people, maybe even to you. Please watch it through including my request that is actually for me regarding the surgery I will undergo on Thursday.
I appreciate your sharing and liking this post so others will stop the fear–which is always one’s imagination – and ask for the help they need.