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Family OR Friends By Choice

“You can choose your friends but not your family.” Do you agree or disagree with that common? In today’s Gathering of Metaphysical Ministry International discover why I belief the reverse of that belief is true.
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What is Your Gift to the World

Today’s Gathering reminds us to live full out and share who we really are – our unique gifts and talents – so we can make a difference in the world.
No one on this planet is exactly like you. Your special gifts and talents make you unique. When you recognized exactly which gifts and talents define you then you can share who you really are with others.
You came here to make a difference for yourself first and then for the community of human kind.
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Happy People…

Today’s Gathering focuses on reasons to be happy and how to do it! Happy people live healthier, longer lives, enjoy better relationships, career success and life satisfaction.

Happiness determines ones success in life – not the other way round.

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Healing: How You Heal

Today’s Gathering focused on healing. No one and nothing outside of you ever heals you. You must choose to heal so that whatever aid offered and administered by others, will work for you.
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The Power of Touching and Hugging

The power of touch        Every creature              Needs it so muchIt’s much more than a crutch
To get you through    the day

Touch is vital to your well being
Pre-requisite to your seeing

All that’s good and perfect in your world

Flip a frown around
No matter the cause

The miracle hormone
Connects you to others
Instantly building empathy and trust

Reminding you we are all
sisters and brothers

Trust is a must
I’ll tell you
more in a minute        Revealing the beauty and the power                            And the love that’s in it

When you hug you connect heart-to-heart

I will show you how

You release the miracle hormone
And you feel like you took
A happy drug

When you hug

When you hug                     All that felt bad just        moments ago         Immediately takes a diveHey, this is no jive, my friend

A hug and a touch can put an end
To all kinds of pain and misery

It happens instantly!        Oh yes, and it is FREE!

And you recognize the truth
We are all connected as ONE

Feeling the great feeling
makes your life more fun

Have you gotten your 4 hugs today?
Have you given 4 hugs away?

The more you hug
the better you feel
The more you touch
You know just how real
natural healing and       feeling wonderful can be.

Hug someone today.

Healing and Metaphysics

Metaphysics tells us we create our reality. Given that parameter, why do we create painful situations and how do we heal? What is healing? Does it mean returning to how you used to be? Does it mean something different?

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The True Source of ALL Problems

In our Metaphysical Ministry we share how to move beyond your limiting five physical sense to experience ALL of reality.
Today we talk about the major disconnects – between you and your Spirit and between you and a Higher Source (God, the Universe, Source) as the cause for ALL physical, emotional and spiritual pain.
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When the Unexpected Happened…

Last week at my daughter’s wedding I got to experience true happiness again – but not just in the way you think. You see…

Most people grow and learn in a crisis. Some unexpected events prove more challenging than others. Yet each one can either lead you to success or to upset.

What do you do when the unexpected happens in your life? How do you deal with the moment? Do you react, respond, or wonder what happened or what you should do?

The Universe always sends solutions with problems. Do you know how to receive the solutions or do you choose to resist the situation and create a struggle where really none exists?

OR do you relax and listen/watch for the solutions that always accompany seeming problems?

Struggle is optional!

Get the full picture in today’s GAthering of Metaphysical Ministry International.

True Happiness: What It Is and How To Get It

In today’s Gathering I talk about happiness, True Happiness.
Most people tip toe through life hoping to make it safely to the end. They pretend they are happy when they really forgot what happiness is. Happiness is your birthright. Claim yours now. Here’s how to get started…

Ask and Ye Shall Recieve

Does your world look as you want it to? If not, then ask for what you want. Decide what will make you happy and healthy and ask for it.
First you must eliminate doubt to receive what you ask for – and it will come. The Universe always delivers your requests when they are in your highest and best interest. If your world continues to look the same then you are asking out of awareness and keep getting what you don’t want.

Think about then decide what to ask for. Oh yeah, when a song came today andmy vgice came with it. I guess I was too excited and sang too much so my voice was not as strong when I made the video but hey, the Minstrel Minister is back.