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About Time

Today's Gathering is all about time. What does time mean to you and how does it impact your life in each moment?

Coming at your time crunch from a spiritual perspective cancels the overwhelm you are experiencing now.

So how do you do that?


Meditation IS Easy – Here’s How to Start

Meditation is not about reducing stress or assigning affirmations. Those are by-products. Here is what meditation does and how to begin the easy no-stress way…

Meditation – Why and How To Meditate

Ever wonder how to meditate? My overview gives you some ideas of how to start.

Meditation: in 3

Meditation – the how, the why and the what – your choice. Instead of a Gathering today I am sharing a piece I did on meditation as a sort of interactive set of videos. You get to choose what, or why or how.
No matter where you turn today, in the spiritual world and in the business world, meditation is recommended for health and happiness.

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Meditation Booster/ Stress Reducer

Discover a quick method to prepare your brain for a deeper meditation, one that will increase your benefits even in a short time. And, use this simple method to re-focus when you get stressed or tired and just plain tune in to you.

CAUTION: DO NOT DO THIS WHILE DRIVING. Be in a safe and comfortable place before starting.

One cycle of the breath program outlined in the video is simply:

1. Breathe in through your nose. Exhale through your nose.
2. Breathe in through your nose. Exhale through your mouth.
3. Breathe in through your mouth. Exhale through your mouth.
4. Breathe in through your mouth. Exhale through your nose.

Repeat that pattern twice for a total of three times.
DO NOT do the above while driving. Make sure you are seated some place safe and comfortable. You may get light headed.

The Infinite Supply

The Universe supplies everything that exists–infinitely. There is no “running out” of anything mankind really wants.

Case in point, a few years back I ran low on the semi-precious gem sodalite. (I used to make jewelry and sculptures with semi-precious gems.) In view of the shortage the prices sky rocketed.

Some time later sodalite was again available in ample amounts thanks to a newly found supply.

Get it? You will get that and much more in this video–including two FREE ebooks that may change your life as has happened to millions of others.

This week you also get a new meditation to increase your supply of all that matters to you.

Do This to Ensure Life Goes on after 2012

You don’t live in a cave, right? So you understand the significance of December 21, 2012. What you may not know is how we can prevent the disasters that, in the past, wiped out life as people knew it. Actually the energies wiped out most life period.

Today’s feqtured topic deals with that issue. You did not come here by accident. WE are the Ones we’ve been waiting for.