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Everything Happens For a Reason – Extremely Important Life Habit

There are no accidents in life – none. everything happens to support our highest good. Yes, even the extremely awful horrible things that sometimes happen, in the big picture, support our best possible life.
Details in this video. Remember to share your own experience in a comment below.

I am going to share something very personal here that you may or may not know. It is impetus for this very special message and the why of this video.

Nearly five years ago when the neurosurgeon removed the brain tumor he also removed part of three cranial nerves leaving me unable to speak, swallow, walk, and properly digest what goes in my mouth and digestive tract. It took lots of work to learn how to create a new way to do all those things. 

The tough part comes in the fact that some of the issues get worse as time passes – much worse – and leave me physically limited and with severe discomfort. 

Sometimes I disappear from chatting with you or posting on my blogs or Facebook because of those limitations.

The thing is I think about you every day. Even after a long period such as I have experienced this year.

I know the Universe gave me gifts that allow me to guide you in your daily living and, in particular, in your spiritual growth.

Each day I remind myself that there are no accidents. And when the pain gets really bad and functioning is challenging, to say the least, I go the place I share in this video message.

I know part of my purpose in this life is teaching that everything happens for a beautiful and Divine reason.


Even the nasty stuff. Even the painful stuff.

And on days when I think I want to just sleep away the pain, thankfully I return to this message. If I doubt its validity I keep reminding myself to look for the gift in each moment.

I always find it.

That is how I made this video and how I was able to upload it so you can have something to grab on to also. Because the bottom line is that bad things happen in everybody’s life.

People get sick. They get hurt. They lose their jobs. They get new jobs. They move away.

People die.

And life goes on anyway. And you go on too. And you choose whether to flow with  or fight what is. You cannot change some things. You can change how you feel about things.

My wish for you is to discover how to see the beauty and Divinity in each and every event that you experience.

Ingrain this this message into your life. It will make your life easier in every way every day.

Divine SpIrit and Human Body

You are a Diving Spiritual Being living in a human body that has human needs – physical and emotional. You must take care of yourself to meet those needs or your Spirit will have to take you out of your body.

After you watch the short Gathering of our ministry today, leave a commnet and tell us how you take care of your human needs so you continue to feed your Spirit.

All Is One

Humankind is meant to co-exist and live in the truth that we are all connected as ONE energy. The only way to make changes on a global level is to begin with yourself and your participation in community, serving others as you serve yourself.
Power happens when you receive for the sake of sharing rather than receiving for the sake of self.

What if you could upgrade your own life and, with NO extra cost of time or energy, help others in need?Would you do it?

Acceptance Means What?

What is acceptance? Does it mean giving in or giving up? Can it set you free or haunt you forever? Discover what acceptance really means and how you do it in today’s Gathering of the Metaphysical Ministry International.
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Emotions: How They Serve You

Emotions. Good or bad? What are emotions and how do they impact us?
Are we at the mercy of our emotions? Do we have any control over how we feel?
Today’s Gathering answers those questions and puts everything into a perspective you can live with.

Relationships, Health and Happiness

Your relationship status determines your health – your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health. No kidding!
When you know how to create the kind of relationships based on trust, honor and respect you must also experience love, happiness and health.
since how you do anything is how you do everything, discovering the secrets to successful relationships with another person leads to success in all areas of your life.
To accomplish the well being you came here to live, I created a special set of videos – 21 days of step-by-step how-to create relationships that connect you with your partner and the skills you need to maintain those mutually beneficial partnerships.Watch the video then click the link below to get your copy while the special price lasts.

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Inspiration and Motivation: Same or Different?

Today’s Gathering asks you the question, “Do inspiration and motivation mean the same thing or do they serve two distinct purposes in your life?
How does each play out in your life?”
What sources do you find helpful for each?
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Gratitude: It’s All Relative

Gratitude – how much do you feel for what you already have? How grateful are you for who you are? Are you grateful for the little things or the big things? HOw do you determine what is big and what is little anyway?
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Meditation: in 3

Meditation – the how, the why and the what – your choice. Instead of a Gathering today I am sharing a piece I did on meditation as a sort of interactive set of videos. You get to choose what, or why or how.
No matter where you turn today, in the spiritual world and in the business world, meditation is recommended for health and happiness.

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How To Freeze Out Your Past

Today’s Gathering asks, “How do you put your past into your past so you ca move ahead in your life?” Rev Ali shares a powerful technique she used to engage in her new life following two traumatic brain injuries.

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