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What is Reality

outviewI spent most of today reading an extraordinary book that I want to share with you. While the author lists it as fiction, if you read many of 1000+ articles online and posts here, and watched many of my 400+ videos you know that I begin my Gatherings explaining that the world we witness using only our five senses represents less than 1% of what actually exists. I created Metaphysical Ministry International to share that message.

This book shares the same message in a very entertaining way. I highly recommend getting it especially while the author has it on sale for just 99 cents. while I would not say take this info as Gospel I definitely know much of this information is basic truths found in the world’s major religious early writings.

My Computer Wouldn’t Let Me Finish My Book

Today’s Gathering posed some interesting challenges. Frankly, my topic this week, turned up repeatedly while making today’s video. So this talk proved to be very relevant and timely.

Last week I finished writing my book, THRIVE! Don’t Just Survive Traumatic Injuries. Only it took me five days to upload it to the printer. My computer would not save my work. I lost four whole hours of writing before I learned my computer was only pretending to save.
Yes, I got really frustrated and upset. Only I do not allow myself to stay in negative energy-draining places so I stepped back (mind you, this format-eating went on for more days than it took me to write the whole book) and figured I was missing something important about my book that needed changing.
Sure enough! I had forgotten to change  the header when I changed the title of the book!
Good gracious! What if I had uploaded my book with such a gross error in it? Would not have been a good thing especially since this is my first hard copy with a dust jacket. work
It really pays to always look for the message and the gift when things appear to go wrong. Appearances cause more damage than actual events. Know what I mean?
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What is Your Gift to the World

Today’s Gathering reminds us to live full out and share who we really are – our unique gifts and talents – so we can make a difference in the world.
No one on this planet is exactly like you. Your special gifts and talents make you unique. When you recognized exactly which gifts and talents define you then you can share who you really are with others.
You came here to make a difference for yourself first and then for the community of human kind.
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Special book #2 – Tuesday ONLY

cat lovers thumbnail

This book recounts the grief of watching my beloved cat and friend of 17 years decline in health and the amazing wonder that happened while he was leaving his body and afterward.

If you ever wondered about spirituality and soul communication you will enjoy this quick read. People going through grief, loss and bereavement may find the piece that leads to their healing here. this book is not just for cat lovers.

On TUESDAY August 27
1. Go to
2 in the top search bar type in this exact wording:
B00EPCKSJ2+cat lovers
3. Click on the book title

You will be taken to the page for the ebook, Cat Lovers: A Story Just For You
Buy it for just 99 cents.

Thank you so much for supporting me and for supporting those in your world who will benefit by the info contained in each book. If you know anyone who would also benefit by owning these works (especially for just 99 cents), please send to this page today.

In Tune With the Unknown Your 5 senses only allow you to experience 1% of the reality that exists around you. When you open yourself to knowing the unknown then you will experience a richer and fuller life.
“When you are in tune with the unknown then your known becomes peaceful,” quote from a Yogi Tea teabag.
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The True Source of ALL Problems

In our Metaphysical Ministry we share how to move beyond your limiting five physical sense to experience ALL of reality.
Today we talk about the major disconnects – between you and your Spirit and between you and a Higher Source (God, the Universe, Source) as the cause for ALL physical, emotional and spiritual pain.
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Events Just Are

Events just are. The only meaning they ever have is the one you assign to them. How does that fact impact your life? find out what happened on my eventful journey home when our airplane was disabled.
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I Was Afraid To Tell You

This post delivers a a very personal message yet I feel certain it applies to very many people, maybe even to you. Please watch it through including my request that is actually for me regarding the surgery I will undergo on Thursday.
I appreciate your sharing and liking this post so others will stop the fear–which is always one’s imagination – and ask for the help they need.

Change Doesn’t Have To Start Within

For many years I taught people that change happens within. And while that fact remains true, change can also begin outside with body language and appearance.

Did you ever notice how differently you feel when you dress in a new outfit versus old worn clothing? How about your posture? Depressed people tend to hunch over closing off their ability to fully inflate their lungs and take in sufficient life force through the breath.
Today’s Gathering expands into how much you can change – instantly – doping 2-minute poses.

Love and Light

In every moment of every day you are held with Love in Light.

I’ve been saying that for man-years. IN today’s Gathering I explain exactly what I mean.

Have you ever felt the love about which I am speaking?

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