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Creating or Co-Creating Reality

Today’s Gathering is all about the dynamics of creating your reality. How does it work? Who is responsible for what shows up in your world? When bad things happen to you – is your fault or did Somebody else hurt you?

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It’s Your Life

You live your life. No one can do that for you. No one can make you happy. NO one can make you mad.

Do you agree?

And no one can make the life changes you want to make FOR you. That is your job. However, you do not have to go it alone. Ask for help.

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Life is a Do It Yourself Job BUT NOT a Do It By Yourself Job

Life is

a do it yourself job

But not

a  do it BY yourself job


People are designed to live

in community

To share and to give

service and love to each other


To partner and know we’re all

sister and brother


I cannot do it for you

I CAN show you a way


And I can support you

so you will know

I am here to stay

the course


No remorse

for making it together
We’re connected

All is One

We can ride out

the stormiest of weather


Life is

a do it yourself job

But not a

do it BY yourself job


Stop Guessing and Pay Attention




Prerequisites to Happiness: Responsibility and Loving Yourself First

Today I awakened with a song in my head. So interesting that the lyrics match the subject of today’s blog post over at No accident there!

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