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Metaphysics of Faith, Trust and Spirit

Today's Gathering of Metaphysical Ministry International focuses on how life works in each moment - and how you get to choose what you world looks like.

When you know and  communicate with your Spirit then faith and trust clearly guide your life in each moment. What if you never had to guess about which choice is best for you in any area  of your life? 

Seriously, no more guessing!


Hmm. Does that mean your life will be all roses and sunshine? Truthfully, no. How come?

Look back across your life. Notice the only time you made real major choices was in a time of crisis. The fact is the Universe delivers pathways to change that often come cluttered with painful obstacles.

But not always.

When you understand how to communicate with your Spirit and with the Universe then more lessons flow easily for you than not.

Confused? After watching this video you won't be.

So, what is your perspective on life? Does it just happen to you OR do you direct your pathways, forging new routes to your destiny?

Want to learn how to talk directly to and listen to your Spirit so you can always make the best choices in your life? Let me know.

About the Author Rev Ali Bierman

As an ordained metaphysical minister and Specialized Kinesiologist, Rev. Ali Bierman brings a unique perspective to the non-religious spiritual/metaphysical aspect of life. Through her music, art and writing she shares the words and sentiments of all those who contribute to this Gathering of Oneness. We are all connected. Live that truth and watch your world change!

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