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How your thoughts create your reality

Today's Gathering is all about how your thoughts create your reality.  What you are doing right this moment causes your world to look exactly as it does - complete with frustrations, disappointments, and also joy.

Everything in your life is all about you!


in every moment of every day - you create your reality. And you do it simply by living without any conscious awareness but by continuing your life-long habit of seeing and being in the world.

Ah, and this very simple step, detailed in the video, allows you to change everything about your world that you know you REALLY want to change.

The video image shows an ancient lesson about perspective, yes? How do you suppose each individual pictured will describe what an elephant looks like?

The question is, where in your life is your limiting perspective showing you one small aspect of the bigger picture of any event, person, or situation? Think a moment then share that one area with us. Doing so allows you to take the critical step to change that habit.

No kidding. If you seriously want a different life then stop dawdling.

The Universe rewards action takers.

About the Author Rev Ali Bierman

As an ordained metaphysical minister and Specialized Kinesiologist, Rev. Ali Bierman brings a unique perspective to the non-religious spiritual/metaphysical aspect of life. Through her music, art and writing she shares the words and sentiments of all those who contribute to this Gathering of Oneness. We are all connected. Live that truth and watch your world change!

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