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In Tune With the Unknown Your 5 senses only allow you to experience 1% of the reality that exists around you. When you open yourself to knowing the unknown then you will experience a richer and fuller life.
“When you are in tune with the unknown then your known becomes peaceful,” quote from a Yogi Tea teabag.
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The True Source of ALL Problems

In our Metaphysical Ministry we share how to move beyond your limiting five physical sense to experience ALL of reality.
Today we talk about the major disconnects – between you and your Spirit and between you and a Higher Source (God, the Universe, Source) as the cause for ALL physical, emotional and spiritual pain.
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How to Change Your Life NOW

Do you want to make a major life change? Do you know it takes 12-20 exposures to the new ideas you want to incorporate into your life?
Change happens instantly. So what does the 12-20 mean?

Events Just Are

Events just are. The only meaning they ever have is the one you assign to them. How does that fact impact your life? find out what happened on my eventful journey home when our airplane was disabled.
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When the Unexpected Happened…

Last week at my daughter’s wedding I got to experience true happiness again – but not just in the way you think. You see…

Most people grow and learn in a crisis. Some unexpected events prove more challenging than others. Yet each one can either lead you to success or to upset.

What do you do when the unexpected happens in your life? How do you deal with the moment? Do you react, respond, or wonder what happened or what you should do?

The Universe always sends solutions with problems. Do you know how to receive the solutions or do you choose to resist the situation and create a struggle where really none exists?

OR do you relax and listen/watch for the solutions that always accompany seeming problems?

Struggle is optional!

Get the full picture in today’s GAthering of Metaphysical Ministry International.

True Happiness: What It Is and How To Get It

In today’s Gathering I talk about happiness, True Happiness.
Most people tip toe through life hoping to make it safely to the end. They pretend they are happy when they really forgot what happiness is. Happiness is your birthright. Claim yours now. Here’s how to get started…

Ask and Ye Shall Recieve

Does your world look as you want it to? If not, then ask for what you want. Decide what will make you happy and healthy and ask for it.
First you must eliminate doubt to receive what you ask for – and it will come. The Universe always delivers your requests when they are in your highest and best interest. If your world continues to look the same then you are asking out of awareness and keep getting what you don’t want.

Think about then decide what to ask for. Oh yeah, when a song came today andmy vgice came with it. I guess I was too excited and sang too much so my voice was not as strong when I made the video but hey, the Minstrel Minister is back.

The Law of Relativity Can Make Everything Look Better

The Law of Relativity states that things are neither good nor bad, big or small, expensive or cheap, etc. until you relate them to something else.
When something crummy happens in your life you can choose to relate it to something horribly bad and then your circumstance doesn’t look quite so awful.
If something (like eating well ) seems expensive to you then compare its cost to the price of getting well from a disease caused by poor eating.

Everything in your life and every decision you make is either a good or not so good choice based on the experience or object you compare it to.

Manifesting Always Happens in,,,

In today’s Gathering we explored manifesting – why it sometimes happens instantly and other times seems like it may never happen.

Everything happens in Divine Timing. Everything.
So what is Divine Timing anyway?

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How Happy Are You Really?

In today’s Gathering we talked about what happiness is AND how to know just how happy you really are. I talk about happiness lots.
You know, to be successful and healthy in life you must

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