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I Was Afraid To Tell You

This post delivers a a very personal message yet I feel certain it applies to very many people, maybe even to you. Please watch it through including my request that is actually for me regarding the surgery I will undergo on Thursday.
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Spirituality OR Religion

Spirituality and religion are tow different things. You can be very spiritual and not believe in religion. You can be very religious and not at all spiritual. Or you can be any combination of both.
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If you live without awareness of the bigger picture you cannot change, can you?

The Golden Rule Revisited

http://www.metaphysicalministryinternational.comToday’s Gathering is dedicated to the loving memory of my friend and spiritual teacher, the minister who ordained me as a metaphysical minister, Rev. Dr. Tg Belcheir, who recently transitioned back to pure energy.

A while back I talked with you about how the Golden Rule can actually destroy relationships. Click here for that perspective.

In a most unlikely source for spiritual well being, Napoleon Hill’s book, The Law of Success, I discovered this new interpretation – well, new for me – and I want you to see how this rule can instantly change everything in your life.

I don’t know about you but I Love people who make me think and rethink perspectives on what I know.

Change Doesn’t Have To Start Within

For many years I taught people that change happens within. And while that fact remains true, change can also begin outside with body language and appearance.

Did you ever notice how differently you feel when you dress in a new outfit versus old worn clothing? How about your posture? Depressed people tend to hunch over closing off their ability to fully inflate their lungs and take in sufficient life force through the breath.
Today’s Gathering expands into how much you can change – instantly – doping 2-minute poses.

Love and Light

In every moment of every day you are held with Love in Light.

I’ve been saying that for man-years. IN today’s Gathering I explain exactly what I mean.

Have you ever felt the love about which I am speaking?

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Prerequisites to Happiness: Responsibility and Loving Yourself First

Today I awakened with a song in my head. So interesting that the lyrics match the subject of today’s blog post over at No accident there!

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The Seed of Go(o)d

You are the seed of all that is good. Not that it grows in you. That you ARE that good. Why? Find out in today’s brief Gathering.
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Smiling makes you feel great, yes? More than that, it lifts your frequency to a higher vibration, improves your mood and increases your physical vitality and health. So why wouldn’t you want to smile?

I planted a surprise fun time inside today’s Gathering. Watch to enjoy a pick-me- up that will light up your life. Do note my brief disclaimer before hand.

Spirit: What is Spirit?

Your Spirit is the pilot of your life.How does it work? Discover how to chart a new course. Remember to tell us your Happy Share and what you want us all to Hold A Space for you to manifest in your life by leaving a comment below.

Affirmations: The Truth About Affirmations

Most of the information you hear about affirmations–how to do them, what to say, when to say it, etc. is grossly inaccurate. No wonder few people succeed following the popular gurus teachings. In today’s Gathering you will discover some very key points you need to know if you want to use affirmations to change your life.

You can get the full details on my CD, Ali on Goals and Affirmations, after listening to the major info in this video that you won’t hear in too many places.

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