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What You Like–Lots

And now for something a bit different – today’s Gathering is not like any done before. It is special. And my question to you is, “What is special in your life that you carry in your heart?” I don’t mean your family but something that…watch the video to find out.

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What Are You Planting In Your Garden Of Life?

Weeds? They do not exist.

In my mind a weed is a flower that somebody else says is not growing in a place it is welcome. The connotation is that the weed, therefore, is not a flower but an unsightly growth.

Sometimes people believe their lives are like weeds – not welcome, not wise and not useful to human kind, or the planet, or the weather, etc. If you ever felt like you did not belong some place or among some people then maybe you felt like a weed – the others want you out .

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Energy Crisis?

Do you know how your own personal energy crisis can lead you to optimal health OR to disaster?

Discover how to take care of yourself. If you don’t do it now you will one day turn over your health to someone else.

Your choice.

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Nature – I Am

A Metaphysical Ministry explains the philosophy of reality–not your reality or mine but the reality of how the Universe works for all of us.
All the beauty of Nature is packaged in you, in each individual. join the meditation that takes you to that truth.

Defining Spirituality for Yourself

Almost everyone turns inward seeking their own spiritual truth at some point in their lives. You came here to move yourself along your spiritual journey. I am vevy grateful you honored us with your presence.

Today’s Gathering, in this video, offers you extra guidance to assist your own journey. In addition, remember to get your copy of How to Take Your First Steps on Your Spiritual Path before you leave the site.
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Do You Live in the 99% or 1 % World

Your five senses limit you to experiencing mess than 1% of the world that exists. What about the other 99+%? Watch the video to find out more.
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Prayer: What is Prayer Anyway?

Prayer is not something you do in a special place at certain times on certain days. Prayer is not a supplication or asking something of God but rather an expression of gratitude and a conscious way of living in the present.

At Metaphysical Ministry International we share what prayer is and what prayer isn’t. This video tells the basics.

Spirit and spirit: What’s the Difference

do you know the difference between “Spirit” and “spirit?”

You will after watching this video.

Who cares? You do if you want to know how to avoid ever again making choice that fail to be in your highest and best interest.

The Infinite Supply

The Universe supplies everything that exists–infinitely. There is no “running out” of anything mankind really wants.

Case in point, a few years back I ran low on the semi-precious gem sodalite. (I used to make jewelry and sculptures with semi-precious gems.) In view of the shortage the prices sky rocketed.

Some time later sodalite was again available in ample amounts thanks to a newly found supply.

Get it? You will get that and much more in this video–including two FREE ebooks that may change your life as has happened to millions of others.

This week you also get a new meditation to increase your supply of all that matters to you.

Be Happy–That’s What Life Is All About

Sure, you came into this lifetime to make some soul correction. Ah, so do it because afterward you won’t need to struggle any more. You can simply be happy.