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Meditation: in 3

Meditation – the how, the why and the what – your choice. Instead of a Gathering today I am sharing a piece I did on meditation as a sort of interactive set of videos. You get to choose what, or why or how.
No matter where you turn today, in the spiritual world and in the business world, meditation is recommended for health and happiness.

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THRIVE! What Doe s It Mean to THRIVE?

You came to this lifetime to learn and to grow, to advance your soul. Struggle is optional. While people tend to grow fastest during a crisis, life is meant for enjoyment. In fact, you are here to THRIVE! Don’t Just Survive.
How do you do that? How do you thrive?
Today’s Gather of Metaphysical International address the first step to get you there.

What Happy People Do

Today’s Gathering asks the question,”What do happy people do that makes them happy and successful in life?” This video reveals the secrets of a very happy person.

The Law of Giving AND the Law of Receiving

At my ordination celebration I was privileged to speak on the Law of Giving and The Law of Receiving. I am known as the Minstrel Minister for a reason. I teach through song and so here is my ordination speech.
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How To Freeze Out Your Past

Today’s Gathering asks, “How do you put your past into your past so you ca move ahead in your life?” Rev Ali shares a powerful technique she used to engage in her new life following two traumatic brain injuries.

‪Smile – It Does a Body, Mind and Spirit Good‬

Smiling improves your outlook, boosts your strength, leads to happiness and success all across your life. Discover why you want to smile in today’s Gathering of the Metaphysical Ministry International.

How Pinhole Glasses Reduce Stress

In today’s Gathering we again explore Pinhole Glasses, this time sharing the reason I use them – how they help me reduce stress and improve my vision.

Feeling Hopeless and Stuck?

Today’s Gathering of the Metaphysical Ministry International asks, “What do you do when bad things happen in your life? Do you feel hopeless about getting well or reaching a goal that has long eluded you?
Discover how to thrive! Don’t Just Survive.”
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