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What are emotions? Which comes first - the thought or the feeling?

Today's Gathering focuses on the truth behind how you interpret your world. In other words, how your emotions ​create happiness OR create your seeking happiness.​

​The truth: emotions are simply and solely energy in motion.


​Emotions are actually very simple yet many people allow them to run their lives awry.

In fact, feelings take the blame for break-ups and misunderstandings, and all kinds of happiness interruptions!

As a metaphysical minister, psychotherapist, and specialized kinesiologist seeing the impact of relationship issues on heath and happiness, I thought it was time to finally explain what emotions actually are and how they impact you.

Let's start with the basics of life: everything - everything we experience with our five senses AND everything we do not consciously perceive but still impact us in each moment, is energy.

While most people fail to acknowldge the energy that fills everything AND surrounds everything, we are each impacted by what "hits" us.

For instance, I bet you can think of someone who you consciously avoid because you feel unhappy, angry or drained when in their presence. You can also think of someone you love to be around ​because you feel good, safe, or relaxed when in their presence.

Got it now?

Okay, then let's proceed to the ​nitty gritty of emotions and their place in the world.

In today's video you will discover:
    •    The role of emotions in your life

    •    What are hurt feelings
    •    How to stop the pain of hurt feelings
    •    The first step in communicating with an angry person

    •    How to heal your past hurts
    •    How to avoid getting sucked into an argument
    •    How to resolve friendship splits


​Do you run your emotions OR do your emotions run you. Conscious living sets the choice.

Tell us what one step you will take today to move away from unhappiness due to your own interpretation of life events and instead see the gift therein. Hey, that one action literally turns your frown into a smile. And that smile changes the energy flowing inside you from negative to love.

No kidding. That is how the Universe works.

About the Author Rev Ali Bierman

As an ordained metaphysical minister and Specialized Kinesiologist, Rev. Ali Bierman brings a unique perspective to the non-religious spiritual/metaphysical aspect of life. Through her music, art and writing she shares the words and sentiments of all those who contribute to this Gathering of Oneness. We are all connected. Live that truth and watch your world change!

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